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About X-Games Barcelona and the local skaters

Alex Trinkete, 17/05/2013 - 19:04, Barcelona.

Fans out of Spain should know, no skating on the street is allowed, penalty is 1500 euro if you get caught by a police. Other skate parks are way too old and the government don't care to maintain. The city is running this X-Games with some public money, bringing in tourists and have a shiny stage for just a weekend? X-games stadium will be destroyed on the coming Sunday night. To answer the slogan of the event NO, BCN IS NOT READY! Local skaters are staring at this crazy sick X-games stadium but they won't even get a chance to skate freely in the city. What are you pretending BCN? You actually have not been civilized yet.

We feel like Somalian people who are watching a Hamburger Eating Competition, paying for watching it, and knowing that all leftovers will go to the bin, without any possibility to recycle o reuse it, expecting only force or violence if we try to find this building material.

Itís all started with the Barcelonaís council, to keep controling the Barcelona citizens as the sheeps, and the sports media. They do spoiling many private companies like Seven Marketing, related suspiciously with the media,specifically Seven with Sport newspaper.They receive huge helps for sporting events, no contest, just using the finger (they just appointed any one they wish), it seems Seven Marketing have 2 millions of euros to coordinate X-Games in Barcelona.

What is the problem? To start the love triangle between media,business and council have all the points to be a mafia group. Family ties with Family ties with senior members of Grupo Z and consequently with political parties related with this group (Grupo Z) make Sevens having a favorable treatment in many bussines. In the History of Seven Marketing are the coordination of the Xtreme Barcelona, a competition full of controversial because some skaters cannot access to inscriptions, there is no private medical team to take care of the event, the X-Games is only depending on the public medical services if there will be any accidents. No private medical assistance was not private for injured skaters on the event, Silvia Serret was assaulted by a member of the security of the event while she was changing clothes in a small cabin and the awards presented secretly.

As well, the company made an intermediary in building the skateparks in town without experiences, making simply, with poor quality and very expensive because they are just intermediary making a big fat comission. The worst case is Mollet del Valles skatepark, where because the reduced space, cheaper materials and lack of builders the result was an abomination skatepark. The protests on the opening day, the mayor promised to build a skatepark expansión by other company.

The next level is the X-Games, when the city council was trying to cover and divert the attention, he promised to build many skateparks in Barcelona and pretended to show like a magician old skatepark proposals presented by the Catalan Skateboarders Committee many years ago and was rejected, as if he will carry on with these projects.

These projects had never been updated and were not reviewed and checked by the specialist. These will be absolutely imposible to finish on or before the deadline unless they make a lousy one, i mean, a lousy skatehow easy is to build a skatepark and after said to every skater, bmx, roller, you have your place done, when the place is useless for all the sports. Is a big waste of money because is not adapted by skaters for his own use. When the skateparks had become cross-disciplinary?

X-Games would be a good idea if the council did well his job, in this case only can becomes in a excuse for the love triangle and they can share resources each other. And fuck off riders if they disturb they will have a BIG punishment.

This is what happens in the big spanish cities, that institutions and companies who govern us are very far to give us a service, only if they will have an interest for the own pocket.

SPANISH: http: news la tomadura pelo x games explicada al detalle

About X-Games Barcelona and the local skaters

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Mark Tho alias 1648
Mark Tho

20/05/2013 - 21:29

I agree with the idea that fining skaters for doing their thing is totally hypocritical when funnelling money into the X games, but this is not the whole story. The ajuntament are pretty right wing these days with this whole "incivisme" thing, but they are simply reacting to what the public want and acting on ithey have promised to build three new skateparks in BCN. The comment about Mollet was actually quite ridiculous. That skatepark is sick, despite the crappy old section and the problems in the bowl. If you grew up skating supermarket car parks, you'd know what I mean. I never skate street areas when there are lots of people and I've never had a problem, though I have seen it. Skaters need to play it cool for a bit, not piss the public off and try to show them that we are not part of this whole "incivisme" thing. We need to do this intelligently, and understand how other people might perceive us. I think that having the X games here might even help some people see us as doing something"legitimate". Not everyone, but I do think the situation is more complex than this article makes out. One other small thing, not criticsing, but you should check the language if you're going to publish stuff in English, as there were so many errors in this article it was sometimes unintelligible, and that's a shame because there were some good points to be made.

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