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John Rebaud, Skateographie Art Print designer of Tricks Posters

Patín en Común, 17/10/2014 - 12:29, France.

John Rebaud is a 34 years old french, skateboarder and graphic designer who lives near Paris, he creates Skateographie which is basically a collection of illustrations of skate tricks captured at the perfect moment when time stands still and the board seems to float in the air. He wish to have more time to skate in skateparks or streets but now he prefer spending time cruising with his children. The Skateographie project is also displayed at EGP18, the biggest skatepark in Paris.

Were the illustrations created from real photos?
Yes I picked some pictures on the net for reference, I wanted to be as precise as I could to draw the gesture or the foot and position of the board.

How are the specifications of the Posters? and, how I can buy one?
They are 40x44cm, offet printing 170 gsm (Indoor only). You can order posters on the website http:skateographie.com , or get in touch with me if you live in Paris, France. The payment is with paypal. Each poster is 10 euro, with discounts if you order 3 or more. The shipping costs are 6 euro for France and 11 for international.

Good luck with your project and have beautiful years of skateboarding with your children

John Rebaud, Skateographie Art Print designer of Tricks Posters

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