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Dylan Williams Video Check Out | TransWorld SKATEboarding

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Age: 24
Home: Bakersfield, California
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Lakai, Independent, Ricta, Mob, Bronson, Active, Glassy, BeerSavage

New Year?s Resolution: Skate everyday, save money, drink less.
Newest music in your iPhone: Don't download much music. Probably U2 thanks to Apple.
Next skate trip: Tampa.
Video part you throw on before a session: Everen Stallion Mystery Promo 2008.
2017 will be the year of the: Pressure flip.
Recommend on IG follow: @shotgunabeereveryday.
Last trick filmed: Switch tail switch flip.
Best style: Devine Calloway.

I first met Dylan at woodward damn am in 2012 he was doing some really interesting tricks super consistent, like feeble to switch smith on a ledge or crook nollie flip out! dude can flip out of pretty much any trick its insane. I am hyped he is on the squad, look forward to seeing more from dylan in the future this dude will do some shit that will fasho make u hit that rewind button!?Blake Johnson

Music / The Man From Somewhere Else & Aoi-"One Friend" (feat. Gdp & Shape) courtesy of Smokers Cough

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