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Exposure 2016 | TransWorld SKATEboarding

This past Saturday, the Fifth Annual Exposure Skate event co-founded by our good friend Amelia Brodka, which creates opportunities for female skateboarders and raises money for survivors of domestic violence, was held at the Encinitas ?Poods Park? skatepark. It was a packed house full of excitement and good vibes as over 100 skaters from around the world came to enter this one of a kind event that had an age range of four to 40! All the proceeds from the event and tent village sales went to Carol?s House, an emergency shelter in Encinitas for survivors of domestic abuse. We love seeing skateboarders using the power of skateboarding and reaching beyond its borders to benefit others. Good job Amelia and all the crew at Exposure Skate who helped put on the event. Heal up soon, Ameila! Below are just a snippet of the girls who were ripping this weekend.

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