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Street League Skateboarding: Trick of the Year

Street League alias streetleague
Street League

Great tricks can raise your blood pressure. They?re things of beauty. So we?re harnessing the power of technology to find the Trick of the Year for 2015. Any trick, by anyone, Pro or Joe. All you need is an Instagram account and you can compete against Nyjah, Luan, and the rest of the SLS Pros. It?s truly anyone?s game.

Winner gets the first skateable trophy: a $10,000 tab at California Skateparks to build them a custom skate obstacle of their choice.

How to Enter
Post your best tricks to Instagram and tag them with #TrickOfTheYear. Then officially enter your tricks by visiting the contest website at: StreetLeague.com TrickOfTheYear where you?ll log in with your Instagram account to connect your posts to the contest.


? If your Insta account is set to ?Private?, the contest can?t pull in your submissions. So make sure your account is public.

? If you want to enter an old trick you posted a while ago, you?ll have to repost the trick to get it in the contest. Reposting the trick will also help remind your followers to go vote for it on the site.

Even if you?re not competing, StreetLeague.com TrickOfTheYear is where you can keep tabs on some of the best tricks on the planet. Up-vote the good, down-vote the not-so-good.

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