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Video Check Out: Garrett Miller | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Age: 22
Home: New Orleans, Louisiana
Sponsors: Preservation Board Co., Parkside Skate shop, Sea Monster hardware, Mariah Harmony, Villalobos Rescue Center

City for skating: New Orleans and everywhere in the state of Missouri.
Post Session bev: Coffee and cigarettes.
Funniest Movie: Let's Talk About Kevin.
New video that gets you hyped: EVIDENCE filmed by Preston Salassi.
Words of advice: "We all die. The goal Isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will."?Chuck Palahniuk
Favorite band: Jeff The Brotherhood.
Legend from your hometown: Evan Smith and Charlie Thomas.
Best skatepark: Parisite DIY, Al Town DIY, Hermanns Hole DIY, Harrison St DIY.

The first time I saw Garrett skate, I felt like the guy in the old Maxell tape ads?blown away. Whether it's tranny, rails, or raw street, Garrett will destroy all in his path. His drive is refreshing in an era of "I'm over it" after five tries. He's just getting started, so strap in and get ready for a wild ride.?Charlie Thomas

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