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Video Check Out: Roman Pabich | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Roman Pabich
Age: 15
Sponsors: Welcome Skateboards, Vans, RVCA, Independent, OJ Wheels, Bronson Speed Co, Mob Grip, Furnace Skateshop
Home: Ocean City, Maryland

Newest music in your iPhone: Rich Forever 3.
Next skate trip: Welcome Europe Trip.
Video part you throw on before a session: Any Raven Tershy.
When you?re not skating, you?re: Chillin? with the homies.
Recommend an IG follow: @sommerray
Last trick you filmed: Backside kickflip on the DIY quarter pipe spot in Long Beach.
Best style: Tyson Peterson.
Am who should be pro: Ryan Townley.

Although Roman is only 15, his ability to adapt to any terrain puts him in his own category compared to other skaters his age. Despite his strict McDonalds diet, Roman is able to continuously push his own personal limits and impress people that have been skating since before he was born. We're all excited to see Roman grow into his own in the next few years and see where he goes.?Daniel Vargas

Music: Ringworm, by Bloom
Filmed and Edited by: Hunter Olsen @og_gunter_
Additional filming: Brandon Star @brandon.starr

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